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June 2007
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The Green Knight [userpic]
Understanding the World

While the icon refers to a practical solution - solar panels for energy generation that also save costly energy transport - this post touches on a different one.

Education appears to be the cure for so so many ills. People who understand causes and effects can make better decisions about which long-term effects they are willing to put up with; and people who understand that there are many ways of reaching the same goal find it easier to choose the one with the smallest environmental footprint.

Disclaimer: I haven't used this software and I don't know whether it will still run on a current computer. It was recently reccommended in passing, I am not affiliated with this company, nor do I know anything more beyond what I read on their webpage, but by the sound of it, the 'Garden with Insight' simulator allows to explore a variety of factors.

By the sound of it - and again, I only approach this from the webpage http://www.kurtz-fernhout.com/help100/00000523.htm it is a simulation built on scientific models, and this is where it becomes interesting.

Computer models can short-circuit the learning process by showing cause and effect more intensely, and in much shorter time. You might have to poinson your garden for ten years or more to come to the conclusion that you are doing something wrong; a model can help you come to the same conclusion within a few hours.

This model - and ones like it - could be a valuable teaching tool; long may they live.

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