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Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions
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I want this community to be a place where climate change issues can be discussed - causes, effects, solutions. No tip too small or trivial - if everybody on the planet switches off unwanted lights, it *will* make a difference.

The ground rules are:

- If you don't believe humanity contributes to climate change, go and find another forum
- we're not all doomed. This place is for finding solutions, not bewailing the fate of the planet. Much less that of Mother Earth.
- even if antropogenic contributions were small or negligible in comparison to what we would get anyway, cleaning up our act (and air, and water, and soil) is a good thing anyway
- No advertising, where 'advertising' is defined as 'buy this product, it's kewel'. Discussion of energy-efficient heating, transport, cooling, or other technologies is allowed (and even encouraged), brand names and URLs will be tolerated, *but only* if the post is related to a discussion. Appropriateness will be determined by a very simple formula: if the amount of quoted material (advertising speak from promotional material) outweighs the amount of new content, it will be considered to be inappropriate for this forum.